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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Has Your Heart Been Captured?

If you are a parent, you'd know the answer already - Yes! And you'd be asking yourself this question more than you care to: "how did the time go by so quickly?" It seems only a few short months ago that my Jessie needed me to put on her band-aids or wanted a story read to her at bedtime. Now she's aching to spend as much time with her friends (and away from me) as possible! I know, I'm supposed to be happy about that - and I am, really. But mother-bird feels a bit nostalgic as baby-bird learns to fly -- and fly well she does!

So yesterday Chris took Jessie on her first real photo shoot -- almost two hours of 'let's make YOU the center of our attention,' and secretly, I think she liked it! It was a beautiful day at Worcester's Elm Park, perhaps a bit windy, but all in all we got a few nice shots that she's already posted to Facebook. We'll be sharpening them up in Photoshop later, but here are a couple of prelims. Great job Jessie - you go girl!