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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kelly & Dan's E-Session: Sudbury Grist Mill

Last Sunday we met our newest friends/clients, Kelly and Dan, at the renowned Wayside Inn Grist Mill for their long-awaited engagement session.  We don't think we've ever had a picnic in New England in March before, but this was a totally sublime day for it, especially with a couple so much in love.  The spring and summer tourist crowd hadn't yet arrived, so we took advantage of the relative privacy, and we had a blast!

When deciding where to stage this session, Kelly expressed that she and Dan are kind of casual, outdoors-y and unassuming, and it became clear that it had to be outdoors, in a country-ish setting.  We collectively decided we'd better leave their rather rambunctious Golden Retriever at home this particular day (tho we would have loved to photograph his adorableness!)

Having met the two of them a couple months earlier at Bocado Tapas Wine Bar in Worcester for a 'get-to-know-you', we discovered we shared a common love of red wines and savory food, so an Argentinian malbec and some sharp cheese just had to be part of the day's mix!

Kelly's got a real affinity for color and design (a mutual fan of HGTV!), as was apparent in her choice of props ... a client right up our alley!

We cannot WAIT for their wedding in September ~  it's bound to be a gorgeous affair.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey Wakeen, Why Watermark?

A while ago at Wakeen Photography, we made the decision that all photos that get released over the web will have a watermark on them. This is not a new practice by any means. Many photographers, particularly wedding and portrait photographers, have embraced it for some time.  However, there's been some debate about whether or not it's appropriate for all social media platforms.  Is the watermark necessary? Or are we just being a bit paranoid?

To begin with, we should clarify that this does not apply to photos that get published in a magazine, or that go into an album or high-resolution files that we deliver to clients. It simply applies to photos that will be published in one capacity or another on the World Wide Web-- whether on our own blog, submissions to other blogs, or the web-ready files we send to clients.

But why the heightened concern? The reality is that by putting one's photos on the internet, they become "public territory." They may start out on our blog or another's such as Style Me Pretty, but the photos are very often re-posted elsewhere, may go into inspiration galleries, and are found on sites like Pinterest, etc. Although most bloggers and sites are diligent about photo credits, there are some that aren't. There's also been a growing number of  "photo pirates" out there who have used our (and other photographers’) work as their own, which is a mutually harmful practice, both for the original photographer and also for the clients.

As photographers, we are responsible to our clients. Not only are we entrusted to document their very important day, but also to respect their privacy and identity. Having a watermark on the image severely lessens the probability of the image being stolen or misappropriated.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"I Keep Gettin' Richer, But I Can't Get My Picture on the...

Any budding rock stars out there?

If you were born after 1980, chances are you don't know the end of the song title above ... or do you???

No matter.  But let us remind you that spring is nearly here which means .... Prom Portraits and Senior Sessions! It's time to book your appointment as the "busy season" fills our calendar quickly.  This year's FREE bonus, when you choose either a prom portrait OR a senior photo shoot, is WE'LL PUT YOU ON THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE!   You'll also receive one FREE 8X10" glossy, and a low-resolution file for your Facebook page.

Last year's prom-goers

Additional 8"x10" prints of your magazine cover will be available for $15 a piece.  Choose from the covers you see here, as well as Us, Time, Newsweek, Cosmo, People, TV Guide, Vibe, Vogue or Essence.

If you'd like to see Wakeen Photography at YOUR school's prom, help spread the word by sharing the link to this blog on your Facebook page, as well becoming a Fan of our page too!

We can't wait to celebrate the Art of YOU!

Cheers ~  Chris and Vickie

A bonus with your Senior portrait!