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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Boomers Know ~ Life is to be Celebrated!

Wow, it's already the third week of April and we have yet to post on the blog ... for shame!  Our excuse?  Been B.U.S.Y!  And that, we love.  Still, we just had to take a moment to share a recent session at our "secret garden" location (Nope - ain't gonna reveal 'where', just yet.  We like holding the cards close to our chest!)

Words cannot express how wonderful it is to be around a friend who's recently found a very special someone to fill her life with sunshine and smiles.  This photo session was, for us, so gratifying because of two genuinely special people - Michele and Charlie.

 The weather was a bit chillier than we'd anticipated, and we felt like we were torturing this poor couple for making them remove their jackets in the brisk wind (sorry guys!).  But that's what us photographers do -- we say to them things like, "Don't worry, it'll all be worth it." and, "Oh, hold that pose.  Beautiful!  (click) Just one more. (click).  I lied.  Now just one more. (click)"

We were surprised when Michele told us that this was her first actual professional photo session ever.  Over the years it seems the occasion had never arisen, even at her wedding decades earlier, a professional photographer had not been a possibility at that time.  If you've never had the pleasure of being treated like "king or queen of the day", just ask Michele -- it's a fun experience that you always wish could last longer than time allows (and even when it's cold outside!)

Charlie, who's had his small aircraft license for years, likes to minimize the travel time it takes to see his special lady, by flying from northern MA to a local airport near her.

Something tells us we'll be back with these two for a more inclusive session at an airport tarmac real soon!


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