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Sunday, October 16, 2011

... Who's The Fairest of Them All?

OK ladies, admit it.  Once upon a time, you wanted to be a princess, right?  The proof?  What about those fairytale picture books you've saved to pass down to your own daughter someday.  Or how about those videos and coloring books you spent hours dreaming with - remember Jasmine in Aladdin, Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid?  Not to mention those of you who loved to dress up Barbie.

I think that's why we women love weddings so much.  We love putting together our personal vision of becoming 'princess for a day'.  When will there ever be another time in our life when we can pull out all the glamor-stops with our gown, our shoes, our jewelry, our hairstyle and our make-up?  We want our prince charming to be dazzled, don't we!

What I don't like about weddings is that once the day arrives, all too quickly our princess package is put away, never to be enjoyed again.  So much planning, fussing and fretting (not to mention $$$) for nary 8 to 10 hours of looking our best ever.  Then for perhaps weeks after you wait and hope that your photographer has captured you in the best light.

That's why we propose couples consider a "Rock the Dress" session (sometimes called a 'trash the dress' session, but we don't like that term for such a precious item).  These sessions can occur one day after or even months after your wedding date.  Wouldn't you love the chance to have your hair and nails done again so you can don that gorgeous dress for a more relaxed and fun glamor session with your new husband???  For this session men often wear a pair of white or black dress pants with a white dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves, so your guy doesn't have to frown over putting on a tux again!

Your bridal fashion session can take place at any multitude of locations -- a beach setting, a park, a cityscape, perhaps outside a bistro or a building with beautiful architecture.  Even a railroad track can be a fun backdrop. 

Wakeen Photography offers these sessions at your convenience.  We're always available and eager to discuss ways to personalize your session.  We offer your finished images (approximately 50) on CD, or if you prefer, we'll create gorgeous wall art of your favorite image (think above your bed, or a living room mantle) such as 20"x30" canvas gallery wraps.  

So DON'T box up your dress just yet!  Call to inquire on pricing -- it is so much more affordable than you may think!

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