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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Inimitable Johnny A

Saturday night of Mothers' Day weekend we headed down to Woonsocket, Rhode Island to Chan's Restaurant to see the one, the only - Johnny A!  If you haven't heard Johnny play, you do NOT know what you're missing!  This was probably the sixth or seventh time seeing him in person, and as usual, the house was hoppin'.  While Chris was capturing some great images, I was up on my feet because I couldn't bear to sit while having so much auditory fun!  Johnny's music is heaven to my ears.

Johnny's schedule takes him all around the world, and this show was slated to be his last for the year.  Word is that he and the band are hunkering down to record more awesome jazz/blues originals, after having already produced three awesome albums -- "Get Inside", "One November Night", and "Sometime Tuesday Morning."

Being a 'newbie' at the iPhone thingy, it totally skipped my mind to record a video clip (duh!), but there are many available that you really should take a moment to check out!

Any words I may write could never do him justice, so suffice it to say there is a lot of press (here) on Johnny already that will knock your socks off!  And DO check out Johnny's YouTube channel, American Guitarist TV!  We love the way he's interacting with his fans and letting us know him more personally.

So here are a few of our favorite images from the night.

Your guys are awesome, and we LOVE your style, Johnny A!  Thanks for entertaining us SO well!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Captivated By The Charms of -- Baby Josie!

Catchy title, yes?  Let us explain.  A few weeks ago we enjoyed the immense privilege of photographing the beautiful newborn daughter of Ellie Vee and Joe Wizda ... creators and lead performers of the awesome garage rock band, The Charms.

Ordinarily, we like to photograph a newborn within the first 3 weeks of birth, since they tend to sleep through the whole session and easily tolerate the many outfit and prop changes, looking like perfect little cherubs.  In this instance we weren't able to capture baby Josie until almost six weeks of age.  But guess what?!  She still looked like a little cherub and behaved like an angel!

What we love about newborn sessions is they don't require much space, the way you would, say, a high school senior session.

Ellie and Joe met us at our home
studio in Grafton, coming all the way from Boston on a rainy Sunday.

The problem was, they enjoyed it so much that they ended up being late for the band's rehearsal at the studio back in Allston ... well, we're hoping after seeing the images, the other band members felt it was worth the wait!

Seeing Joe with his newborn daughter was such a heartwarming experience.  You see, we've been frequenting many of Boston's 'burbs' live music hotspots for a while, just to catch the latest show by The Charms ... watching Joe with his lead guitar moves, and then seeing him with his precious 'daddy's girl' ... priceless!

We are thrilled with how expressive little Josie is!  Go figure -- the parents are naturally smitten with their beautiful offspring, but the truth is, the photographers are also enraptured with how beautiful she is in the images we've created.  Almost makes us want one of our own! (say, what?!)

The tender love between a mother and her child is more than words could express, but so obviously reflected in this image of Ellie and Josie toward the end of our session.  Believe it or not, this image was created with mother and child on the floor of our living room studio.  (Thank goodness we'd vacuumed!)

It doesn't require superior imagination or even many props to create a gorgeous image of a newborn baby ~  the purity and simplicity of a new human being is totally enough to capture one's heart!  Doesn't Josie look like royalty with this color surrounding her?!

Whether in full color, or in black- and-white, a baby's skin is so creamy and pure that every image looks fantastic!

We look forward to the opportunity to capture Josie in all the wondrous stages of her childhood ~  from six months of age when babes learn to sit up, to the "terrible" two's when everything is 'mine, mine', and the adorable three's, etc. ... 

Joe & Ellie, may your days with your newborn daughter be blessed with every good thing - love you guys!

Chris & Vickie