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Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrating the Art of YOU !

Christopher Wakeen, well-known in the central Massachusetts region as a boutique wedding photographer, has an offer you won't want to pass up. And you don't have to be a bride -- it's not just brides that are beautiful!

At Wakeen Photography we believe that Fine Art imagery should be available to everyone. Our packages are appropriate for every budget so that you can take advantage of a fun portrait session where YOU are the star.

Why would you be interested? Well ...

Perhaps you've just finished a degree program, or attained a promotion of some kind. Maybe someone special in your life would like a remembrance of you for Valentine's Day. Or, perhaps you've ended a relationship and would like to mark the beginning of your 'new you' phase. Or, maybe you are widowed or have reached a 'milestone' birthday that you'd like to commemorate. Are you a senior citizen? When was the last time you considered photography? Has it been years since you and your partner have been photographed together? Or maybe you've found 'the one' love of your life, and would like to document your togetherness. How about something as simple as you've changed your hair color, or just got your first tattoo! Need an updated photograph for your Facebook profile or for an online dating service? This is the perfect way to accomplish just that.

Our desire is to help you put your best 'foot' forward, and to join you in celebration of where you're at. Right now. Because as they say, "Life is Good!"

Limited appointments are available, so do inquire a.s.a.p. Our evening appointments are for those who prefer an indoor shoot in a studio-like setting (backdrop, studio lighting, etc.). Select week-end days are available for those preferring an outdoor shoot in natural lighting. And DON'T be put off by snow! We just photographed Sarah, a beautiful woman who's moving to Florida -- she wanted to document her last "crisp" days here in New England!

At only $99, our basic package includes the previews of your session via email (perfect for your Facebook profile!) AND a mounted 11"x14", color or black-and-white print. Additional packages are available. Your results will be much more flattering than anything that you can get from those "quicky" photo retail outfits (and we think you know who we mean)!

Call Vickie @ Wakeen Photography for an appointment (774-262-5332) or email Chris (chris@wakeenphotography.com).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love Grows -- Nikki & Rich's Maternity Shoot

After twenty plus years of shooting weddings exclusively, Chris decided (and I encouraged him) to shake things up a bit and branch out into other areas. So, when we were approached to do a shoot for a first pregnancy, we jumped at the chance! Thanks to Nikki's mom Lisa for doing just that! What a loving gesture, purchasing a maternity shoot for her beautiful daughter. [Hint, hint -- photography sessions with Wakeen Photography make great gifts!]

(And boy do I wish I had treated myself to this type of photography when I was pregnant. All I own is an unremarkable Polaroid of me lifting my shirt to document that time of my life.)

The excited daddy-to-be, Rich, has completed the baby nursery with new paint and some beautiful built-in shelving. I think this shot (below) shows he's just as in love with his soon-to-be baby boy as he is with baby's mama, Nikki :-)

And what a natural model Nikki is ... hopefully she felt as relaxed as she appears to be since we really want our clients to enjoy the whole experience. She made our job so much easier as she already knew of several poses she wanted to try and was also agreeable to trying some of our suggestions.

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in a woman's life. A time, we think, when she should celebrate the miraculous beauty of her changing body, and relish the attention she receives from admiring eyes!

We love the fabric Nikki picked out to accentuate her expanding middle. Her feminine curves make for a really beautiful shot.

Best wishes to you both, Nikki and Rich, and DO let us know when baby Rhegan arrives.

The best time to photograph a precious newborn is within two to three weeks of birth, when they fall asleep so easily after a feeding, in a nice warm room with soft music playing. We're ready, willing and able to make that happen!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Honing One's Craft

Last night was a lot of fun seeing The Issues play at the Olde Post Office Pub here in Grafton. As we'd blogged about before, we really believe that the way to hone one's craft (don't you just love that expression?) is to employ it in various enjoyable scenarios when you're not really working, but playing! So we trucked our big rolling camera bag, a light pole and second lighting to the pub just before our pals took the stage.

The cool thing about this band is that they're all successful professionals by day, and music performers by night! As they say on their website, "... our extensive variety of music, upbeat stage presence, and killer light show....we KNOW you'll have a great time!" And we did.

From my perspective, shooting live performances has much in common with shooting weddings - the action stops for no one and you need to be ready on your mark with each turn. Sounds much easier than it is. I guess you could compare our evening band hopping to a form of exercise to keep us in shape for the real deal -- weddings!

So as craftsman Chris had some fun "honing", I (Vic) assisted with lens changes, took a few shots of my own, had a few beers with my friend Julie and even got to dance a bit -- I could get used to this kind of 'work'! Now if I could only get my husband to pay me!