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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ready To Kick Some A

Wellll, perhaps it would be kinder to say we're ready to knock your socks off! ~ Chris and I LOVED the PPA Tour seminar last night at Boston's Logan Hilton Hotel. Talk about some fantastic, big-time presenters! Check out Allison & Jeff Rodgers, a husband/wife team whose business has grown by leaps & bounds in the last five years, despite this tough economy (www.allisonrodgers.com). Probably THE most important thing we learned from this dynamic couple is -- take charge of your calendar!

And we were super-charged by New York's celebrity photographer Anthony Vazquez (People magazine, Bravo, InStyle, Access Hollywood, etc.) who reiterated what we knew all along --
IF YOU'RE NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO, FIND SOMETHING ELSE! Check out Anthony's amazing work at www.anthonyvazquez.com., and view his really kewwwl videos with a sneak peak into a celebrity photographer's world.

We're ready to roll with new ideas, new goals, and a new vision to provide brides and grooms the sexy, edgy and fun photography that will make them feel like a million bucks! We love what we do; Chris considers his camera his best friend, and you'll see that come through when you get before his lens and you're immediately put at ease. We've got a whole new product line in store and in the near future, we'll be putting up a new, refreshing, and exciting web page. With all these new things on the horizon -- including our personal wedding to boot -- it seems fitting to blog a bit over the next couple weeks on our
Year in Review - 2009. Stay tuned! Keep the passion! Over and out...

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