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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hey guys, Chris here. Up to this point I've been blessed to have Vic handling the blog. Tonight I thought I'd check in and tell you why I think photographing weddings is THE coolest, most exciting, dynamic and constantly evolving photographic subject there is! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman in love who wants to present her very best to the man she loves ... I know, I see it over and over again! And who can deny that the groom is just as smitten as any bride when you see his face as she walks down the aisle? At that moment, you know for him, all is right with the world. It doesn't seem to matter what their ages, what style dress, music or ceremony, every groom I've photographed is absolutely captivated with his bride. Being witness to that is what makes my job so enjoyable.

Face it guys, how often do we take the time to really enjoy the woman in our lives -- how often do we notice and compliment her hair, the way she dresses, her make-up, or the way she carries herself? Do we let her know what's in our thoughts and our heart? Do we tell her that we think she's amazing?!

So let me share with you some of the beautiful women I've photographed who are so obviously in love with their man! Rest assured, your bride, should you choose me to photograph your special day, will totally enjoy the personal attention she'll receive as the camera captures her essence, her own captivating style, that you'll both be able to look back on and treasure for years to come!

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  1. There is nothing like seeing a photo of a bride so in love! Thanks for sharing.