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Friday, October 15, 2010

We've Been "Captured" By David Ziser!

Last night's five-hour session with internationally-recognized photog David Ziser was the bomb! The ballroom at the Woburn Hilton was jam packed with professional colleagues seeking to catch a bit of David's "magic" when it comes to mastering the art of flash photography. Actually, now that we think about it, a better title for the program might have been "Mastering the Light", rather than Captured By ... just our personal "two cents," David!

Not only did David and his wife LaDawn give away over $6,000 in door prizes, (woohoo - free is good!) but they opened us up to their incredible wealth of photographic knowledge -- from the intricacies of perspective, lens selection, and on and off-camera flash, to recognizing and capturing classic lighting patterns, establishing proper exposures and using backlighting for dramatic effect.

We definitely plan on utilizing some of the pointers we learned and that can only benefit our clients. This course was totally about making our images more exciting than ever! Differentiating ourselves from the competition is a GOOD thing ...

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