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Friday, November 5, 2010

More Sneak Peeks

After Chris and I shoot a wedding, we are so anxious to upload the photos and go through them, which we usually do the next morning. It's kind of like Christmas morning to us, opening our 'gifts'! And it's fun to come up with album layout ideas and/or how we may potentially 'tweek' some shots in Photoshop. Of course, that isn't always necessary, many shots look best left alone, au naturel, but sometimes you get a shot that you just KNOW you can have some fun with.

Here's a few more from April and Joe's wedding day.

Sometimes we alter the photo to give the couple a choice between color and black-and-white. You just never know which the couple will prefer, and oftentimes, they choose to have both in their album! Here's one such example --

Which do YOU prefer? I think I still like the shoe shot in color ... but in the following example, I prefer the black-and-white.

I know April and Joe will be pleased with their proof album! Let's finish off with just one more 'awwwww' photo of the two of them, so obviously happy and in love :-)

Ta-Ta For Now!
Chris & Vickie

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