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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Engagement Session Inspiration -- So Many Reasons Why

Spring is here and anyone who was engaged over the loooong winter months must be chomping at the bit for those budding trees and sprouting flowers to make their appearance -- we're ready and anxious too to make those great engagement shots happen.

Loving the feel of cool, green grass!
If you're not really certain of where or what you'd like to do, here are some great ideas, and some pointers on what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect. First off, please note that just about ANYWHERE you go there are always great free backdrops available thanks to good ol' 'Mother Nature.' The focus of these shots is YOU anyway - the key is to decide on a setting where you're comfortable and which reflects your unique personalities and interests.

At the Old Stone Church, W. Boylston, MA
You may wish to consider a location where you're shared happy moments together. An outdoor café works well. A park where you've enjoyed nature walks together. Or perhaps you like a more urban look -- brick buildings make for beautiful backdrops, and those can be found nearly everywhere here in New England. If it's a 'less-than-perfect' weather day, no problem! Using an umbrella as a prop makes for interesting photography, reminiscent of Hollywood's greatest musical, "Singing in the Rain."

Speaking of Hollywood, perhaps you'd like to dress up in glamor clothing and create a black-and-white Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers look? Recently we posted a link on our Facebook page about an engagement shoot inside an antique shop since that was an interest the couple shared.

Love your pooch? How about including him/her in your session? It could be at a beach, or the park, or a walk through downtown. How about creating a picnic session with a cozy blanket, your favorite foods, some books ... and don't forget the champagne! If you're the creative type, you may opt to bring some hand-crafted items speaking of love.

Another very popular idea is a hang-out at a seldom-used railroad track. The angle of the track receding into the background provides great visual interest.

OK, so we leave the rest of the ideas to you ... but do give it some thought.


Now we want to emphasize what to wear and/or bring to this (typically) 2-hour session. Most couples (especially the bride) opt to bring an outfit change in addition to the one they are wearing. Be aware that complimentary colors on the bride and groom work best -- not the same colors, but complimenting colors. Avoid too many patterns, or one person wearing stripes, the other wearing polka dots, etc. Wear a color that you've often been told you look great in. For the men, you may wish to bring a sport jacket and/or an extra shirt, one casual, one more dressy. Be yourself tho -- if you're strictly a jeans and sweatshirt person, changing your look entirely will not produce results that you'll ultimately be happy with.

That's it for today.  If you're looking for more pointers, do give us a call, shoot us an email, or post a comment here.  We'd love to help and to know your thoughts!

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