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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ceres Bistro - Une Expérience Gastronomique!

We had the pleasure of dining at Ceres Bistro in the Beechwood Hotel (Worcester) last night for Vic's birthday (we won't say just 'which' birthday that is).  We already knew we liked the Beechwood since we've photographed many weddings there and find it to be a terrific place for beautiful wedding shots.  What we didn't know is how delicious and appetizing the bistro's edible creations really are!

Vic ordered the Salmon Oscar, topped with bits of fresh crab meat and a delectable Béarnaise sauce.  The crisp yet tender julienned vegetables finished off the meal's presentation and every bite was savored and appreciated to its fullest!  Here is a photo of the 'before' and 'after' ... need I say more?!

Chris ordered the Marinated Filet of Lamb, medium rare, which was accompanied by a sweet potato purée, and a roasted grape tomato and spinach salad.   Mmmmmm.

So folks, all we can tell you is if you eat at Ceres, it's not just fine food, it's more of a food 'experience'!  Our kudos to the chef!

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