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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kelly & Dan's E-Session: Sudbury Grist Mill

Last Sunday we met our newest friends/clients, Kelly and Dan, at the renowned Wayside Inn Grist Mill for their long-awaited engagement session.  We don't think we've ever had a picnic in New England in March before, but this was a totally sublime day for it, especially with a couple so much in love.  The spring and summer tourist crowd hadn't yet arrived, so we took advantage of the relative privacy, and we had a blast!

When deciding where to stage this session, Kelly expressed that she and Dan are kind of casual, outdoors-y and unassuming, and it became clear that it had to be outdoors, in a country-ish setting.  We collectively decided we'd better leave their rather rambunctious Golden Retriever at home this particular day (tho we would have loved to photograph his adorableness!)

Having met the two of them a couple months earlier at Bocado Tapas Wine Bar in Worcester for a 'get-to-know-you', we discovered we shared a common love of red wines and savory food, so an Argentinian malbec and some sharp cheese just had to be part of the day's mix!

Kelly's got a real affinity for color and design (a mutual fan of HGTV!), as was apparent in her choice of props ... a client right up our alley!

We cannot WAIT for their wedding in September ~  it's bound to be a gorgeous affair.


  1. Speechless. If you know me, you know that doesn't happen often, if ever. Thank you both so much for adding magic to our day. I chose the word magic because in a sense, you make magic happen. Your passion and talent gives you the ability to give people timeless moments. In my mind I will always remember, the colors, the wind, the sounds, how I felt in EACH pose but as we age and time passes clarity may fade a little bit. NOT this time. When I look at these, I not only SEE us. I FEEL us. I can hear Dan talking, me laughing, I can re-live the experiences in every single pose. It amazes me that your passion allows you to take the love we feel and turn it in to a tangible irreplacable memory that has the ability to bring us back to this day any time we want to visit. When I look at your photos, I CAN SEE my love for him. I know I do, I feel it. But to SEE it before me is amazing either in color or in black and white, it is a gift you've given me forever. Thank you for letting me SEE it and for giving us forever memories to keep for all time.

  2. **Often you can see love between the people and things you watch along the way...from the outside in like in Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World'. I guess its easier to see it when you aren't looking at yourself. Even though you know that you have love, are loved and do love to see it when it IS you makes you 'understand' more in a way I guess. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there... you don't need to see it to feel its beauty, but when you do see it... its UNIMAGINABLY CAPTIVATING! Thank you for showing us how blessed we are to have a love like we do!

  3. We're deeply honored you feel that way Kelly!!! We really do get such joy out of witnessing couples like you, in love and full of hope, promise, laughter, joy. It takes a certain level of trust for a client to choose a photographer to capture who they really are ... it's a huge pleasure to have made you happy with YOUR images! Thanks for your kind words.