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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nicole + Curtis' Wedding ~ August 11, 2012

When two young lovebirds living in Nebraska decide to marry back home in Massachusetts, they start their vendor research online with nary a clue whom to go with for every aspect of their wedding.  When it comes to their photography, well, we believe in some divine intervention (!) because when they found us it was a "match" made in heaven, so to speak.

Curtis' Air Force assignment took him to the base in Nebraska, and it didn't take long for Nicole, his long-time sweetheart, to join him.  While Nicole completes her studies at the U. of Nebraska, Omaha, Curtis works on complex jet engines, and endures ten hour drills that put him in very uncomfortable situations.  No matter - now he's got his beautiful bride to come home to!

Our wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session, so once Nicole and Curtis arrived in MA, (driving straight from Omaha, no overnights, I might add), we "captured" them for a fun photo session here in Grafton so they could practice gettin' their photo groove on, first at the Grafton Common, and then over to our favorite local farm, Houlden Farm.

The couple hails from Orange (yes, that's where us Massachusetters go to jump out of airplanes for fun, including yours truly.  But that's a story for another time...)


The wedding day arrived and we had their photo matte signing board ready for guests to leave a personalized note when they picked up their reception place cards.   We LOVE the way Nicole and Curtis had personalized their reception table settings by holding their own photo session back in Nebraska, taking photos of themselves with their beautiful dog, tripod and all.  Well done!

Nicole had chosen deep plum for her bridal
party colors, with the men sporting black tuxedos and matching ties (sharp!).  Here's Nicole in her traditional bridal portrait looking serenely beautiful, just before her trip down the aisle.

We love the next image of Curtis as he sees his bride in her dress for the first time -- note the look on the groomsman's face (Curtis' brother) as he looks for Curtis' reaction ... priceless!

The couple's wedding and reception took place at The Colonial Hotel in Gardner, MA.  The setting was just lovely, and the lively DJ, Greg from Absolute Entertainment, kept the guests entertained all the way through the evening.  We haven't had such a good laugh in a long time  ~  you're familiar with the garter toss where the single man who catches it must then place the garter on the leg of the young woman who caught the bride's bouquet?  Well this time DJ Greg played a little "switcheroo" on a blindfolded groomsman as he THINKS he's placing the garter on a female, only to discover, to the roar of the crowd, that it was the groom he had sitting before him!

By the time we'd finished the edits on these images, we were craving some buttercream frosting ... here's why!

It was a wonderful experience photographing for this lovely couple and their families ... we'd love for you to leave your comments and thoughts regarding their wedding right here on our blog.  Wishing you a beautiful life together Nicole and Curtis!
                                                  Fondly ~ Chris & Vickie Wakeen


  1. Wow! I am the brides mom and I am so excited to see some of the pictures! I knew when i saw there engagement pictures you were going to do a great job with the wedding! the one of Nicole with her flowers made me cry!! She looks so beautifull!!
    thank you so much! I can't wait to see all of them!!

  2. What a fabulous sneak peak at some of photos of the wedding. I am the grooms mom and am so excited to see the rest of them. I want to thank you for making Curtis & Nicole's day a little more relaxed by having them know that they were getting fabulous pictures taken to be able to remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. You did a wonderful job and I am sure that they have thanked you but I would like to extend my thanks to you also.
    Lynn Hebert

  3. Beautiful pictures, Beautiful couple

  4. Thank you DeeDee, Lynn and Debbie - they are a great couple and they made our job a real pleasure!

  5. What a tease, can't wait for the rest to follow. Lettie and Dennis