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Monday, September 16, 2013

Boston Post-Wedding Photo Session -- Jeff + Cesar

The summer wedding season is winding down for us wedding photographers, and although autumn is a super time to get married, when the cooler weather arrives we always seem to find a bit more time to sit down and assess how and what we've accomplished so far this year, and what we may not have shown you.

Looking back at our portfolio for the year thus far, we felt we just had  to show you one of the funnest "engagement sessions" we've experienced yet, only, this was more of a post-wedding, takin'-a-breather session for our fun couple.  You see, Cesar and Jeff were married in a warm, intimate and beautiful home ceremony (officiated by the renowned J.P. Geri Weinstein) at the start of the year.  Then in April, they hosted a catered event for friends, colleagues and neighbors to celebrate their union.  The morning before the grande fête, we accompanied them to their (our!) beloved Boston where Cesar and Jeff often enjoy the social scene.  (And in the late afternoon, we photographed their catered soirée.)

Here is a small collection of the images we captured for two of our favorite guys.   It was truly a bbbbbrisk morning in April, but ... do you think they look cold?!

We found ourselves at Boston Common first, and when the morning breeze became a bit too brisk, we made a bee-line for the Starbucks café on Beacon Street for a sweet warm-up.  Yum :-)

Strolling the streets of historic Beacon Hill was SO fun!

Best wishes always, Cesar and Jeff!  We know wherever you may travel, life will be so much sweeter for everyone you come in contact with.  Friends, feel free to comment here and leave your happy thoughts :-)

Chris and Vickie

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