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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Traveling Back While Journeying Forward

There are many people who'd rather visit the dentist than attend a high school class reunion.  Are you one of those folks?

I suppose I used to be like this, to some degree.  The older I become though, the more I realize the value in opening up to the past to see what could transpire for the future.

I recently had the opportunity to attend an informal women's luncheon, a gathering of eight former classmates, which was advertised on Facebook for anyone still living in the area.  I jumped at the chance, not only because I enjoy continued friendship with a few of my classmates, but also because I know it's good for me to invest in myself; to get away from household obligations and dozens of other reasons that keep me from investing in relationships.

At some point in my adult life, I must have chosen to open my mind and more importantly, my heart, to a review of what I'd thought to be the reality of those years gone by.  I was never one of those kids with throngs of friends, one of those chosen eagerly for teams and group activities.  I know now that that was really of my own doing, for I was quite shy and often chose to take a back seat whenever possible.  I don't know if others saw me this way, but I'd always believed myself to be a shy, loner type.

Age and maturity afforded me the grace to overcome such shyness, and it was, and is, a truly freeing experience.  Shyness is a form of suffering, really (and we all suffer from something, in one form or fashion).

But I digress -- the point here is that once I'd made up my mind to stop thinking about myself, and to instead focus my attention and curiosity on what makes so-and-so tick, who they are, discovering their special joys or disappointments - then I came to see how joyful it is to know so many that I might have otherwise easily dismissed, never to mix with again.

Everyone is so beautifully different and yet so wonderfully the same!

Seeing through to the core of a person, to their heart really, is not so difficult.  And this is why I get such pleasure from meeting my classmates again - to be re-introduced to the true person outside of the former, narrower definitions of my own creation.

The best part of all this - that they too seem to have grown into maturity (go figure!)  That they too are willing to listen, to hear, to share a smile, an encouragement, and to celebrate our lives together with all their twists and turns.

Each of the ladies I've become reacquainted with is so wonderfully made.  Such beautiful souls.  I treasure knowing all of you and I look forward to moving into our latter years knowing that our shared experiences, past and present, are a bond we'll always have.  A springboard for further exploration of who we are as individuals, as the glorious women that we've become.

Much love,

[Wakeen Photography photographs reunions of all types.  If you or someone you know are planning such a gathering, contact us directly for details and to check available dates.]

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