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Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrating the Art of YOU !

Christopher Wakeen, well-known in the central Massachusetts region as a boutique wedding photographer, has an offer you won't want to pass up. And you don't have to be a bride -- it's not just brides that are beautiful!

At Wakeen Photography we believe that Fine Art imagery should be available to everyone. Our packages are appropriate for every budget so that you can take advantage of a fun portrait session where YOU are the star.

Why would you be interested? Well ...

Perhaps you've just finished a degree program, or attained a promotion of some kind. Maybe someone special in your life would like a remembrance of you for Valentine's Day. Or, perhaps you've ended a relationship and would like to mark the beginning of your 'new you' phase. Or, maybe you are widowed or have reached a 'milestone' birthday that you'd like to commemorate. Are you a senior citizen? When was the last time you considered photography? Has it been years since you and your partner have been photographed together? Or maybe you've found 'the one' love of your life, and would like to document your togetherness. How about something as simple as you've changed your hair color, or just got your first tattoo! Need an updated photograph for your Facebook profile or for an online dating service? This is the perfect way to accomplish just that.

Our desire is to help you put your best 'foot' forward, and to join you in celebration of where you're at. Right now. Because as they say, "Life is Good!"

Limited appointments are available, so do inquire a.s.a.p. Our evening appointments are for those who prefer an indoor shoot in a studio-like setting (backdrop, studio lighting, etc.). Select week-end days are available for those preferring an outdoor shoot in natural lighting. And DON'T be put off by snow! We just photographed Sarah, a beautiful woman who's moving to Florida -- she wanted to document her last "crisp" days here in New England!

At only $99, our basic package includes the previews of your session via email (perfect for your Facebook profile!) AND a mounted 11"x14", color or black-and-white print. Additional packages are available. Your results will be much more flattering than anything that you can get from those "quicky" photo retail outfits (and we think you know who we mean)!

Call Vickie @ Wakeen Photography for an appointment (774-262-5332) or email Chris (chris@wakeenphotography.com).

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