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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love Grows -- Nikki & Rich's Maternity Shoot

After twenty plus years of shooting weddings exclusively, Chris decided (and I encouraged him) to shake things up a bit and branch out into other areas. So, when we were approached to do a shoot for a first pregnancy, we jumped at the chance! Thanks to Nikki's mom Lisa for doing just that! What a loving gesture, purchasing a maternity shoot for her beautiful daughter. [Hint, hint -- photography sessions with Wakeen Photography make great gifts!]

(And boy do I wish I had treated myself to this type of photography when I was pregnant. All I own is an unremarkable Polaroid of me lifting my shirt to document that time of my life.)

The excited daddy-to-be, Rich, has completed the baby nursery with new paint and some beautiful built-in shelving. I think this shot (below) shows he's just as in love with his soon-to-be baby boy as he is with baby's mama, Nikki :-)

And what a natural model Nikki is ... hopefully she felt as relaxed as she appears to be since we really want our clients to enjoy the whole experience. She made our job so much easier as she already knew of several poses she wanted to try and was also agreeable to trying some of our suggestions.

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in a woman's life. A time, we think, when she should celebrate the miraculous beauty of her changing body, and relish the attention she receives from admiring eyes!

We love the fabric Nikki picked out to accentuate her expanding middle. Her feminine curves make for a really beautiful shot.

Best wishes to you both, Nikki and Rich, and DO let us know when baby Rhegan arrives.

The best time to photograph a precious newborn is within two to three weeks of birth, when they fall asleep so easily after a feeding, in a nice warm room with soft music playing. We're ready, willing and able to make that happen!