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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Honing One's Craft

Last night was a lot of fun seeing The Issues play at the Olde Post Office Pub here in Grafton. As we'd blogged about before, we really believe that the way to hone one's craft (don't you just love that expression?) is to employ it in various enjoyable scenarios when you're not really working, but playing! So we trucked our big rolling camera bag, a light pole and second lighting to the pub just before our pals took the stage.

The cool thing about this band is that they're all successful professionals by day, and music performers by night! As they say on their website, "... our extensive variety of music, upbeat stage presence, and killer light show....we KNOW you'll have a great time!" And we did.

From my perspective, shooting live performances has much in common with shooting weddings - the action stops for no one and you need to be ready on your mark with each turn. Sounds much easier than it is. I guess you could compare our evening band hopping to a form of exercise to keep us in shape for the real deal -- weddings!

So as craftsman Chris had some fun "honing", I (Vic) assisted with lens changes, took a few shots of my own, had a few beers with my friend Julie and even got to dance a bit -- I could get used to this kind of 'work'! Now if I could only get my husband to pay me!

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