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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tickled Pink over Weddings

The longer I'm involved in the wedding photography business with my husband, the more I realize just how many really wonderful families there are out there.  It's so great being able to experience them all - witnessing how they interact with each other, seeing family resemblances among its members, getting to know their tastes and their interests (if only for a few hours), and truly feeling at the end of the reception like you're sad to leave because you would have liked to get to know these people better!

Such was the case last weekend at the Publick House in Sturbridge.  We knew we liked the bride when she came to our home for that first consultation, but her personality became much more apparent to us during the course of the wedding day, and we so enjoyed her!  [Generally we spend more time with the bride since we meet up with her where she's preparing, about an hour and a half before the ceremony.]  Thus far, I've yet to see a bride who wasn't feeling (and looking) absolutely terrific! And so naturally it's a joy to be around someone like that.

If by some stoke of fate, my husband and I were to win some huge lottery windfall, the fact is I would still be doing this work with him because it's thoroughly enjoyable.   Getting to witness the unfolding of the most special day in any one person's life is such an honor.  And because I love art, design and color, I look forward to every reception with such anticipation ~ oh, the color combinations, the flower arrangements, the table settings, the wedding cake, etc. etc.!  There's no limit to the amount of creativity we get to document through our cameras.

Our couple this past weekend is from outside of New England.  Because their intended guests are scattered all about the eastern U.S. they chose Sturbridge as their wedding locale, a central meeting spot most convenient to everyone.  Lucky us!  And now they're off on their honeymoon in Germany and we have the pleasure of experiencing their wedding day all over again as we cull and edit their photographs.  When we contracted with them we'd agreed not to post their photos in any public forum, and naturally we will honor their request.   I only wish they knew right now how excited we are at what we captured for them.

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