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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rehanna and Felix ~ May 22, 2011

It's All in the Details

The folks at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lancaster, Massachusetts have been very good to Chris over the years.  We were pleased to be back there on Sunday for the marriage celebration of Rehanna and Felix.  Chris introduced me to at least five individuals who were thrilled to see him again since he'd photographed their wedding, or their children's weddings, years before.  I overheard one woman comment how much she appreciated us noticing all the small but important details of the day.  And it's true - it really is the details that make the day so memorable not only for the wedding couple, but also for the guests.

And details there were!  So much meticulous thought and planning went into this day.   Rehanna's champagne-colored, sequined dress was absolutely stunning, the bridesmaids were dressed in gorgeous flowing peach gowns, the maid of honor in a refreshing 'garden' green and the flower girls looked like little angels in white!  The groomsmen (talk about d├ębonnaire!)  - all in black with pale peach shirts and boutonnieres.

Rehanna's mom did the flowers herself.  I have never known any one person so talented in this area.  There were so many flower arrangements in the church and on every table of this large affair, I can only imagine how long it took her.  What a loving gesture for her only daughter.  White peacock feathers aligned the arrangements next to the pews, and white Corinthian columns supported the heady, exotic displays.  This was a wedding fit for a princess!

All the work that went into this wedding was a true labor of love. The multi-tiered wedding cake was created by Henry Livergood, close friend of the family and Food Service Director Emeritus of Atlantic Union College.  Truly a masterpiece.

The lavish reception for over 230 guests was held at The Chocksett Inn (Sterling).   Doesn't this picture really just say it all?

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