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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bridal Expo Fun

Winter in New England tends to be "slow season" for wedding photography, so last Sunday we had the occasion to attend a bridal expo presented by Wedding Day Expositions at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  Although Chris has exhibited at dozens of bridal shows over the last twenty years, I (Vic) had never attended.  Go figure ...

I think at first, Chris was reluctant to pull out his camera -- after all, there were many wedding photographers exhibiting that day and we didn't want to risk stepping on anyone's toes.  But what we found (after receiving permission from Andrea, the expo producer) was that the only folks taking photos were the brides-to-be themselves with their trusty iPhones, so we knew we'd be able to capture some amazing images that no snap-shot camera could achieve.  See if you agree :-)

Nilsa models a bridesmaid dress from La Reine Bridal

Miss Massachusetts, Natalie Pietrzak


Mangit with flowers by Artistic Blossoms

There was no risk of going hungry while perusing the vendor booths.  Most often you'll find excellent dining set-ups provided by experienced caterers.  The adult beverage bar was a real plus, and naturally, champagne was the beverage du jour!  BUT, the pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance were the wedding cake offerings from Konditor Meister.  You cannot imagine the variety of cakes ready for sampling that were simply to die for -- I chose the Baileys Irish Creme cake.  Y-U-M!

Music for the day for provided by Entertainment Specialists, and the live performance by the high-energy World Premier Band was extremely entertaining.

Among the many wedding photographers present, we struck up a conversation with a super nice gentleman, Jim Hoopes, principal photographer and owner of Beacon Hill Photography, who offered to take a photo for us too.  Thanks Jim!

So in summary, I'd highly recommend attending a bridal expo before your big day!  One thing we advise couples to keep in mind however, is to not feel pressured to make any buying decisions that day, but rather to scout around for ideas on color schemes, dress and tux styles, and types of photography that "speak" to you emotionally.  You may be offered a reduction in cost, a special "this day only" price, if you commit to a particular vendor.  We say, just make certain you've already done your research before you make a decision under that type of situation.   In fact, that's a great idea for our next blog, "How To Choose Your Wedding Day Photographer".

Ta-ta for now!

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