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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recharging Our Batteries and READY to Rock!

Even though the winter months are the slow season for wedding and on-location portraiture here in New England, we've gotta say we totally LOVE this time of year as it affords us more opportunity to plan and prioritize.  We can refocus and reaffirm for ourselves what we love about this business - what our strengths are (and how we can capitalize on them) and where our weaknesses may be (where we should step outside our comfort zone and aim to grow).

While reviewing our packages for 2012, we decided to revamp our price lists in order to offer more album selections and a variety of à la carte products.  We saw that we could actually reduce our photo reprint pricing too!  Just after we received our new marketing materials, we happened to attend a Boston wedding expo (the first of the year in this area), and man, were we pleased to find that we're extremely competitive in our pricing and when push comes to shove, we can offer more value for the dollar, more bang for the buck.  In all honesty, the pricing plans we saw at the expo were well over $3000, and we offer several options well below that.

I guess part of our "secret" (if there were one)  is that we keep our overhead expenses low.  Working from our home studio and office allows us the freedom to go "on the road" for weddings and on-location portraits, without having to rent  studio space with all the added expense that entails.  We essentially carry the studio with us when a client wants a formalized background, as is often the case in a baby session at the client's home, or for a high school senior portrait.  And this year we plan to expand our selection of indoor backgrounds.

{at our home studio where we meet with clients}


The other day we bid a fond adieu to our dear comrade "Larry, the Large Format" ... if you didn't know, Chris buys and sells camera gear and knows the stuff like the back of his hand.  Larry, as we liked to call him, sort of fell into our laps when Chris purchased a large collection of gear from an amateur photographer who no longer had the photo "bug".  After some tender loving care, Larry was good as new and looked totally cool with our interior décor, if I do say so myself!

With the proceeds of the sale we were able to snag a lens that we've had our eye on for our Nikon D700 - a Nikkor AF-S 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR.  The image of our living room (above) is the first from this new lens, and we can see it's totally gonna rock at our next wedding this February!

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